About Us

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Check out the brains behind Codon Corps.

Our story

Codon Corps was founded in 2017 with aim to open the doors of science to the community. Our activities include but are not limited to customized training programs, short courses, online training sessions, and community outreach programs. Our R&D focuses on interdisciplinary science at the edge of engineering and biology in the domains of synthetic biology, genome engineering, molecular biotechnology, and bioinspired robotics. 

Codon Corps offers several services in various areas including microscale engineering i.e. fabrication of microfluidics devices, knock-out studies, computational biology, and more. Our R&D dedicated teams are always working on efficient and cost-effective solutions to the common scientific problems faced by our local community. Our work has been represented at several national and international events including the Global Community Bio Summit 2017 held at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 

Participation Beyond Borders

our teaching team


Saif Ali Shah

Design Biology

Saif’s inspiration lies in nature and he loves to integrate technology into nature-inspired designs. 

Muhammad Abdullah

Computational Biosciences

Bhutta has specialization in Biotechnology with major focus on computational perspective of molecular world. His beginner course is a must see for any aspiring life sciences professional who want to learn from the best.

MH Raza

Synthetic Biology & Genome Engineerirng

Hassan’s work focuses on engineering of living systems as machines by changing their blueprint for performing predefined tasks. He teaches you not just how to do something, but why to do it this way and not the other.

our Management team

Asad Mumtaz

HR Manager & Marketing

Asad is a young life sciences researcher and senior year grad at Intl Islamic University, Islamabad. He belongs to Rawalakot; a beautiful city in Azad Kashmir. Asad likes to travel a lot and exploring new places is his favourite hobby. He is always open and excited to hear new ideas and innovations in science and also has a lot of interest in astrophysics.


Tayyab Shafique

HR Management

A strict manager that has been into management since the age of 16. He  won’t give you any slack, so you will have to do the very best work you’ve done in your life.

Salman Shabbir


Syed Alasar

Industrial Geek

Syed has worked for years in biotech and works at the edge of commercialization, entrepreneurship, and industrial biotechnology.