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Codon Corps offers a variety of services including customized training programs, fabrication of microfluidics devices with specific focus on PMMA based lab on a chip and organ on a chip devices, genome engineering, bioinspired robotics, and industrial biotechnology. 


Microfluidics Devices

Codon Corps offers fabrication of PMMA/polycarbonate based microfluidics devices and high precision syringe pumps for manipulation of fluids at microscale. 

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Training Programs

Our monthly classes, winter & summer schools, and one day training programs are specifically designed for students and professionals with backgrounds from all areas ranging from engineering and life sciences to arts and philosophy. 

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Customized Courses

Interested in getting trained in a specific module falling under the umbrella of synthetic biology, genome engineering, bioinspired robotics, computational biology, 3D bioprinting, and microfluidics at your own institution? Get in touch know and we will love to share the details.

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Genome Engineering

Our R&D specialists offers high quality CRISPR-mediated knock-out studies in bacterial and plant systems.

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DIY Biology Kits

Want to do biology in your kitchen? Or do not have access to the lab but still want to do biology? Check out our shop section and you will find a variety of products.

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Bioinspired Robotics

Wondering to integrate engineering into your project such as interfacing living systems with microcontrollers for real time monitoring? You are at the right place.

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Decide for a service which you want to avail and send us an email at with all the relevant details or get in touch with us on our social media pages. One of members of our relevant team will connect with you as soon as possible.

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Confused about your project or want to discuss it members of our R&D department? Or simply want to organize a training? Visit us now in Islamabad and we’ll set up a meeting for you!

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